Stress-NL is a consortium of stress researchers in the Netherlands


The stress system is ubiquitous in all species and is essential to adapt to a changing environment. Its relevance for humans and animals can therefore not be overestimated. Excessive or prolonged stress exposure increases the risk for a wide variety of mental and physical symptoms. Our current understanding of the stress system and variability in outcomes after stress exposure is limited. The STRESS-NL consortium envisions that combining forces between researchers across the Netherlands ranging from preclinical to clinical stress research is needed to advance our knowledge and the stress field as a whole. The STRESS-NL consortium aims to change the current way of performing stress studies, by combining knowledge, efforts, and sharing data, but also joining efforts to emphasize the importance of fundamental and applied stress research to funding agencies, the government and the general public.



The STRESS-NL foundation is supported by a project grant from the Young Academy of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge about stress research conducted within molecular, cellular, systems, behavioral, and clinical neurosciences across the Netherlands.


Provide a platform for exchange and integration of data to enable larger (meta) analyses of data acquired across multiple sites and research groups.


Provide a platform that can promote stress research toward stakeholders at national and European levels and beyond (grant agencies, charity foundations, etc.) as a focus area that is historically particularly strong within the Netherlands.


Provide a platform that can raise public awareness, knowledge, and trust of scientific research into stress and stress-related disorders

Annual Stress-nl meeting

PROGRAMME Stress-NL Meeting December 13, 2018

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Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, Rotterdam


1000-1015 OPENING

1015-1115 SYMPOSIUM 1: How to improve human stress measures in daily life

– Experience sampling: Going temporal and multidimensional (Sanne Booij)

– Big data and stress quantification (Wessel Kraaij)

– Autonomic Nervous System and daily life stress (Eco de Geus)

– Measuring stress with wearable devices (Elena Smets, IMEC)

– Cortisol levels and stress in daily life (Alberto Pereira)

1115-1130 BREAK

1130-1230 SYMPOSIUM 2: Stress as a translational concept: molecular and animal models

– Translational animal models for stress sensitivity and related disorders​ (Judith Homberg)

– Early life stress: an overview of animal models (Angela Sarabdjitsingh)

– Effects of stress on neural circuits of (food) reward (Frank Meye)

– How stress and negative emotions influence addictive behaviour (Louk Vanderschuren)

1230-1330 LUNCH

1330-1430 Ron De Kloet award lecture

– Prof.dr. Carmen Sandi: Stress and the individual: How does anxiety contribute to stress vulnerability

1430-1530 BREAK

1530-1630 SYMPOSIUM 3: New developments in the stress field

– Oxytocin as a traumatic stress marker (Mirjam van Zuiden)

– Using mother milk to gain insight into stress (Eva Naninck & Aniko Korosi)

– Premature birth and brain development (Manon Benders)

– Combining neuroimaging and gene expression to study stress (Ahmed Mahfouz)

1630-1700 DISCUSSION


Stress-NL Meeting 2018

The 2nd annual Stress-NL meeting is proud to host the first
Ron de Kloet award and lecture featuring Prof. Carmen Sandi.

This year’s annual meeting is also the place for fundamental and conceptual discussion about stress research. Specifically, there will be symposia on how to measure stress in daily life (ranging from experience sampling and heart rate to cortisol), the use of animal models for stress research, and the emergence of new techniques and approaches of stress assessment. There will be ample time to interact and to discuss collaborations and future plans.

Confirmed speakers so far are: Mirjam van Zuiden, Frank Meye, Louk Vanderschuren, Eco de Geus, Angela Sarabdjitsingh, Alberto Pereira, Ahmed Mahfouz, Aniko Korosi, Sanne Booij, Wessel Kraaij, Judith Homberg, Manon Benders, and Carmen Sandi.

Stress-NL 2018 will take place on:

Thursday December 13th, 2018 in Rotterdam

You are cordially invited. Register HERE.

We aim to involve the whole Dutch Stress community and hope for your participation and contribution. Further information will follow, but make sure to save the date for this meeting on December 13th.



The first STRESS-NL consortium meeting on November 2nd  2017 was a great success. We look back at a fruitful and constructive meeting, and it was very clear that there is an outstanding Dutch research line on stress with a variety of angles and approaches.


The Ron de Kloet award for Stress Research

The Ron de Kloet award for Stress Research is given to an international researcher who has made outstanding contributions to our understanding of stress in adaptation, resilience and vulnerability for disease. Recipients can be either basic or clinical researchers. The prize is organized by Stress-NL. Candidates can be nominated via its executive board – decisions are made by consultation of the advisory board. The award is sponsored by Corcept Therapeutics. It is handed out annually at the Stress-NL meeting, where the awardee delivers a lecture on the topic of stress.

STRESS-NL foundation

Executive board

Dr. Christiaan Vinkers
Dr. Christiaan Vinkers
University Medical Center Utrecht
Dr. Erno Hermans
Dr. Erno Hermans
Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen & Donders Institute
Prof. Liesbeth van Rossum
Prof. Liesbeth van Rossum
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam
Prof. Onno Meijer
Prof. Onno Meijer
Leiden University Medical Center

Advisory board

Prof. Marian Joëls
University Medical Center Utrecht
University Medical Center Groningen

Prof. Ron de Kloet
Leiden University Medical Center

Prof. Guillén Fernández
Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen & Donders Institute

Prof. Benno Roozendaal
Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen & Donders Institute

Prof. Karin Roelofs
Radboud University Nijmegen & Donders Institute

Prof. Andrea Evers
Leiden University

Prof. Bernet Elzinga (Leiden)
Leiden University

Prof. Paul Lucassen
University of Amsterdam

Prof. Eric Vermetten
Leiden University Medical Center

Prof. Lenneke Alink
Leiden University

Prof. Manon Hillegers
University Medical Center Utrecht

Prof. Marinus van IJzendoorn
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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